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Manual Testing

Our testers create test cases and manually verify that your app is defect-free and it behaves as per your user expectations in agile.

Automation Testing

We use extensive open source tools to ensure your app functions efficiently in minimum time.

Load & Performance Testing

We test the performance of your apps against a specific expected load using various techniques and tools.

Security Testing

As technologies continue to evolve, new vulnerabilities are discovered daily, we make information security testing as one of your processes into the release to find security issues.

API Testing

Our tests verify the functionality, reliability, and security of the integrated APIs using SOAP & REST tools.

Accessibility Testing

Take a proactive approach to make sure your website is accessible for those with disabilities and meet your compliance goals.

ETL Testing

ETL testing ensures that the transfer of data from diversified sources to the central data warehouse occurs with strict adherence to transformation rules and is in compliance with all validity checks.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing is the most efficient and informative method to identify problems and gather insight regarding how to fix functional and non-functional problems within an application to engage users.

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Micro Services Testing

When it comes to microservices testing, the more coarse-grained a test is, the more brittle and time-consuming it becomes to write, execute and maintain it. We use tools like pact based on a development environment to implement efficient microservices testing.

Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing is a means of testing cloud-based applications that use resources(hardware, software and infrastructure) found in the cloud. We use modern technology to test the resources used and provide a solution for performance efficiency and cost-efficiency.

IoT Testing

IoT is leading the approach in digital transformation and has become a fast-developing technology sector. Although Internet of Things testing presents several challenges, we keep addressing them efficiently by the power of our knowledge and experience.

Big Data Testing

The revolution in Big Data is starting to transform how companies organize, operate, manage talent, and create value in a large volume of data. Testing big data is always challenging but we use different tools and techniques to provide efficient results.

SEO/Digital Marketing Testing

A SEO testing shows defects preventing search engines from ranking the web site at top. We introduce SEO in development process and start the implementation and best practices from beginning of the project.


To successfully implement DevOps in an organization, a change in culture and mindset is required. We use experienced people with a great mindset and good experience in various tools and techniques to test the DevOps in project and organization.
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